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Vote Aglionby Lib Dem

Welcome to the website of Carlisle Liberal Democrats and our Parliamentary candidate Julia Aglionby, here to work for you and to offer solutions to the problems facing our city and our communities.

Julia is an experienced political peace-maker. She has an impressive track record reconciling polarised groups of farmers to secure livelihood-saving agreements, and getting cross-party agreement on political issues that matter to Cumbria. Her forthright honesty and integrity earn her respect with people whatever their views and interests, and allows her to seek out the effective 'middle ground' that everyone can agree on.

The Country's Best Interest

We face a parliament where the two major parties have extreme views-far more extreme views than the majority of people they claim to represent. We need people like Julia working in Parliament with politicians to find the middle ground, reach decisions and deliver actions that are in the United Kingdom's best interest.

General Election 2019 - How will it be remembered?

The United Kingdom is at a crossroads. How we got here is an important lesson when we look back on history. Right now, we needed our representative in Parliament to represent Country first. That means the people of Great Britain, together. We need people like Julia with integrity and skills that bring people together.

Vote for Julia Aglionby this Thursday to make this a point at which our futures improved.

Vote Aglionby LibDem this Thursday.

Climate Change Emergency

Greenhouse gas concentrations have reached a record high according to the latest bulletin published by the World Meteorological Organization. We are staring down the barrel of a gun - in March this year the United Nations said there were just 11 years left to prevent irreversible damage to our planet.

Climate Emergency

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Joined up Mental Health Care for the Young

One of the most serious issues facing the UK today is mental health, particularly in young people. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year of whom one quarter will be aged 18 or under; one in seven 11 to 16-year-olds has a mental disorder.

Joined Up Mental Health For Young People

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Climate Change causes Flooding

Events in South Yorkshire this week will have brought back bitter memories to many Carlisle residents. As in our own city, the floods this week were caused by intense rain falling on the saturated and impermeable ground in the wider river catchments. There is clear evidence that the high rainfall events experienced in South Yorkshire this week and in Cumbria in 2015 are a result of climate change.

Climate Change Causes Flooding

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Free school meal for all primary school children

A Liberal Democrat government will provide free lunches to all primary school children and to all children whose families receive Universal Credit.

Free school meal for all primary school children

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Better, more affordable and greener transport for Carlisle

"As MP for Carlisle, I will work for better, affordable and greener public transport throughout Carlisle and to Newcastle and the West Coast." Carlisle is fortunate to have good rail links along the west coast mainline but our cross-country services to Newcastle and Leeds, and the coastal service, are not fit for purpose.

Better, more affordable and greener transport for Carlisle

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Democracy in Action

In 2016 there was a small majority for leave but no plan how to make that happen. 3.5 years later, there is no agreement on how that can be achieved which would secure our peace and prosperity. We have a stalemate between two options; Boris' Deal - a hard Brexit - or staying in the EU and reforming it from within.

Democracy in Action

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Your Home is with the Liberal Democrats

"Your home is here," says Julia Aglionby about the Lib Democrats. The Lib Dems are a broad tent who represent your views. More and more people have decided for themselves that the reasonable, centralist and progressive policies of the Lib Dems best represent their view.

Chuka Umunna on joining the Liberal Democrats

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Lib Dems Protect Jobs

A vote for the Julia Aglionby, LibDem candidate for Carlisle, is a vote for a thriving, skilled and fairer local economy. As the LibDem MP for Carlisle, I will protect existing jobs and create opportunities for investment and employment.

Julia Aglionby and Carlisle Lib Dems will protect jobs

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Demand Better for our The NHS

The Liberal Democrats are the only party that have a clear plan for the NHS and Social Care. We will build a better health and care system in Carlisle and across the UK by boosting budgets and supporting the work done by Doctors and Nurses. We will increase stretched budgets and put an end the battles faced by our healthcare professionals.

Julia Aglionby Lib Dem - Tea and Politics session Carlisle (Julia Aglionby)

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Heidi Allen Joins the Liberal Democrats

Heidi Allen joins the Lib Dems

Heidi Allen, the former Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire has joined the Lib Dems. Heidi, who has represented her constituency since 2015, resigned from the Conservatives in February 2019. Before politics she worked for many organisations, including ExxonMobile and Royal Mail.

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Rory Stewart resigns Conservative whip and will not seek re-election

Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and the Border has today resigned the Conservative whip and will not stand in the coming General election.

Rory Stewart Resigns - Carlisle Lib Dems (Crown Copyright)

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Lib Dems announce £9,000 Adult Education & Skills Funding

Layla Moran Shadow Cabinet member for Education

At the recent Liberal Democrats conference in Bournemouth the party unveiled a new £9,000 lifelong learning and skills fund for every person in the UK.

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Happy Pride Day Cumbria

Happy Pride Day Cumbria

Unlike any other major party, the Liberal Democrats have kept equality at the heart of the policy making process.

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Register To Vote

Speculation is mounting that October will see Labour table a motion of no-confidence in the government of Boris Johnson in order to prevent a no-deal crash-out Brexit.

Register to vote

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Ex-Chancellor confirms fears no-deal may be to benefit speculators

Phillip Hammond, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and recently expelled member of the Conservative party, has all-but confirmed online rumours that speculators backing the current government have bet billions on a hard-Brexit.

No Deal Benefits Speculators (DFID - UK Department for International Development)

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Lib Dems Conference Highlights and Policies

At the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth in September, we agreed on the following new policies for a fairer, open, tolerant Britain...

Jo Swinson at Conference

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The Lib Dems put forward their climate change champion for Carlisle

Julia Aglionby

The Liberal Democrats put forward Julia Aglionby as their Climate Change Champion for Carlisle. Julia Aglionby, Liberal Democrat prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Carlisle, joined the platform on the Global Climate Change Strike Action as a keynote speaker at the event on Friday 20th September.

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Meet the Liberal Democrat Prospective parliamentary candidate Julia Aglionby

There's an opportunity to meet Carlisle Lib Dems new parliamentary candidate next week. Julia Aglionby will be holding a public meeting at the Stanwix Community Association on the evening of Thursday, September 26 at 7.00 pm. You are invited to come and hear what Julia stands for and opportunities to work together to demand better for Carlisle and the UK.

Julia Aglionby Carlisle Lib Dem (Julia Aglionby Lib Dem - Carlisle Lib Dem hub)

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Boris Johnson broke the law

The Supreme Court has made it's ruling - the prorogation of Parliament was illegal. MPs should be allowed to scrutinise the Government without having their voices silenced. This is the basis for our democracy.

Boris Johnson Broke the Law (Chatham House London)

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Lib Dem Manifesto

Download and read the Lib Dem manifesto for the 2019 General Election

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Election Hustings

Get involved in the General Election, attend the husting session in Carlisle

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