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Carlisle Lib Dems

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Lib Dem belief (Mark Pack)

Our Policies

A Fairer, Greener, More Caring Society (2021)

What Liberal Democrats Believe (2021)

Giving Consumers a Fairer Deal (2021)

Our Campaigns

The LibDems are a campaigning party. Below are some of our ongoing campaigns:

Make Votes Fair

Our current electoral system, First Past the Post, robs millions of voters of voice. It allows huge swathes of the country to be ignored and silenced by a political system that is supposed to represent them. Liberal Democrats have been fighting for a better voting system for decades. And with the current chaos in Downing Street, more and more people want to stop the Tories. This is our chance.

We're fighting for proportional representation - making seats won match votes cast. This means an end to ignored safe seats and huge majorities on less than 50% of the vote. It means politicians having to work together.

It's already used the world over to great effect - so why not here?

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Clean Up Our Air

1 in 4 pupils attend schools in areas over air pollution limits. The UK has broken air pollution limits for a decade, costing the NHS billions to treat people affected.

Liberal Democrats would create a £20 billion Clean Air Fund to help create safe walking and cycling routes to schools, and invest in pollution-free public transport.

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Back British Farming

Farmers across the country are worried about their future.

They're worried that the UK will be flooded with poor quality food that undercuts the food they produce to high environmental and animal welfare standards.

The Conservatives have sold out our farmers.

Liberal Democrats back British farmers.

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Stop Sewage Dumping

Help Kids Catch Up

Covid has hit children's education hard. Months of school closures and disruption risks leaving a generation behind. We need to see a massive investment in helping kids catch up on lost learning, instead of the pitiful £50 per child the Government is currently offering. Lib Dems would invest £15 billion in helping kids catch up, as recommended by the Government's own advisor. And crucially, some of that money would go direct to parents, with £200 of catch up vouchers for every child, and more for those on free school meals or with special needs.

Every child is different and our plan would ensure they get the individual help they need while helping to close the learning gaps between rich and poor.

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Stop Sewage Dumping

Water companies pumped sewage into our rivers and lakes more than 400,000 times last year. The Conservatives are letting them get away with it and want taxpayers to pay to fix the problem. Water companies need to clean up their own mess and stop dumping sewage in our rivers and lakes.

It's time for a 16% sewage tax on their £2.2 billion annual profits to improve our sewage system and protect our rivers and lakes.

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Green Every Home

Energy usage in our homes accounts for 14% of UK emissions. Our homes are some of the worst quality in Europe. 2.5 million live in fuel poverty due to poor insulation and heat loss. The Conservatives have scrapped the Green Homes Grant, taking us backwards.

Liberal Democrats would upgrade insulation in all existing homes by 2030, creating thousands of new green jobs. We would also require all new homes to be eco-friendly and increase minimum energy efficiency standards for privately rented properties.

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Being homeless should not be a crime

It should be common sense, shouldn't it?

And yet, between 2014 and 2016 alone, over 3000 people were dragged before the court. Not for doing anything wrong, but for falling foul of a 195-year-old law, the 1824 Vagrancy Act.

Moving people on, issuing fines and putting them in prison cells should be a national source of shame. But the Conservatives are refusing to commit to anything more than a 'review' of this archaic law.

The Liberal Democrats demand better for people who are homeless. We should be caring for people who end up on the streets and treating them with compassion, not locking them up.

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End Mental Health Injustice

Mental health problems affect one in four of us. Sadly, it is often the first area which loses out when budgets are tight.

We will never achieve equality for mental health with an under-funded NHS.

The Liberal Democrats demand better for patients and healthcare professionals to ensure that when you need help, help is there.

The Liberal Democrats will put a penny in the pound on Income Tax to give our health services the funding it really needs, including increasing investment in mental health.

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Europeans' #RightToStay

European citizens in Britain, you have a right to stay. We demand the UK government GUARANTEE that you can stay.

Help us give security to every European in Britain and guarantee their #RightToStay

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Refugees: we can do more

The Conservatives' treatment of refugees is despicable and shameful.

We can and must do better. We demand an effective and compassionate response to refugees coming to Britain.

We demand an end to the Conservatives' hostile environment policy that hurts so many.

And we demand safe, legal routes to sanctuary for those forced out of their homes.

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